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AQA GCSE 4200 Fine Art

Coursework Deadlines

Coursework Portfolio Jan 29th 2016

Exam project Feb-May 2016 (min 10 weeks preparation with a 10 hour exam)

Exam Dates

(if known)

Final coursework project launched 3 Nov 2016 with  an Art trip to the British Museum

5 hour mock exam last week Jan 2016

Exam project starts: Feb 1st 2016

10 hour exam first week May 2016

Useful Websites

Books etc.

Tate Gallery

National Gallery

National Portrait Gallery

British Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

Student Art Guide



Other revision exam tips /info

After school intervention runs Tuesday-Thursday 3-4.30pm.

Nov-Dec 2015 (Invite only)

Drawing Intervention B/C grade students Tuesday 3-4.30pm

Photography intervention E-C grade students 3-4.30pm


Students should spend at least 2 hours a week working independently on their project work.


New coursework project: ‘The Art of Culture’

Project context:

Many artists and designers have been inspired by different historical cultures.

Students need to:

Explore cultural identities and traditions.

Find connections between artists and cultures that they like.

Research a culture of their choice and produce work relating to one of the following:

  • Patterns: design, decoration, motif, system, order, arrangement, sequence
  • Artefacts: an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest
  • Traditions: beliefs or customs of a culture
  • People: distinct social groups

Experiment with a wide range of materials and techniques when developing ideas for a final artwork/series of artwork.