Science - Subject info


Exam Board

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Set 1 - OCR GCSE Gateway Further Additional Science


Sets 1 and 2 - OCR GCSE Gateway Additional Science


Sets 3 and 4 - OCR GCSE Gateway Science

Coursework Deadlines


Coursework should be completed by Friday 29th January.




Exam Dates

(if known)




Useful Websites

Books etc.

  • The website URLs above give students access to the course specification and past paper questions.


  • Students should be accessing the online textbook. This is the same textbook that we use in lessons. Please see Mr Kumar if you have any issues accessing this


  • Students should have purchased a revision guide and be using it to revise


  • Students should be using the Science department Edmodo website. This contains the specification, homework given in lesson and the AFL sheets for each topic. After the Christmas holidays past paper questions will also be available.



Other revision exam tips /info

Students should be using a variety of the above resources to revise for 30 minutes every evening after each Science lessons.