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Cold War – Monday 6th June


Russia, Hitler and Race Relations - Tuesday 14th June

Useful Websites

Books etc.

The Ben Walsh AQA Revision guide is the best source

(ask your teacher for a copy or there is some  in the library or you can buy one for about £5)


BBC Bite size videos 



John D Clare website - http://www.johndclare.net/Russ1.htm



Other revision exam tips /info

1.Pick one unit and write out your memory sentence for the topic (or draw the pictures if it is for Russia!) Add the dates. If you cannot do this then practice doing this by covering up the sentence, writing it from memory and repeating the process until you can. 

2. Now write out the memory sentence again, from heart. Add the dates (this should be easy - if not repeat step one) Now add the detail about the event. Can you tell the story of what happened? Can you add specific facts? If you can't do this from memory then you need to look in your book at your notes and write them out again next to your memory sentence. Repeat this step until you can write out the detail of each event without looking in your book. 


3. Now you should know all the content by heart. If there is an event that you are not 100% confident in repeat step 2. If you can do this for the all the units you are ready to do step 3. Step three is to practice answering questions. Go to the AQA spec B website and find some exam questions to answer. Give them to your teacher to mark.