Curriculum Team Leader: Miss Lucy Askey


Through creative and active teaching, all our students access a language and develop a life-long interest, curiosity and acceptance of languages, international cultures and the global community as well as highly respected skills for the modern job market.

Students at Rivers Academy are provided with the opportunity to study French or Spanish in a manner which is interactive and focused on the communication element using language that can be used in informal and formal settings.   The use of the target language enables the students to identify new words and sounds very early on, enabling their ability to communicate accurately and with confidence.  We strongly believe in the relevance and importance of teaching and learning a foreign language in the 21st century and we are dedicated to bringing the country and its culture to our classrooms and celebrate national interests through dance, art, cookery and song!  Our students are carefully monitored throughout the school to ensure all our students progress in this subject area and have a sound understanding of the basics in Year 7 ready to progress through the school and attain the success they deserve in either language which will enable them to stand as an individual having mastered another language ready for university and the employment market.

Key Stage 3:

In Key Stage 3 the students study either French or Spanish with the focus on mastering the basics and providing a strong linguistic basis which can also help in other subjects such as English or further foreign languages.  The use of language in the classrooms helps build confidence early on as we explore reading, listening, speaking and writing skills enabling communication in all skills.  The course will enable our students to understand how to talk about their home, town and school, to express opinions and describe what is important to them.  We encourage students to use technology as much as possible and download apps and link up to websites to encourage independent learning.   International occasions are celebrated, minds are opened and eyes are widened as we seek to ensure cultures are acknowledged and any divides are narrowed – Key Stage 3 is an exciting time at Rivers Academy!

Key Stage 4:

In Key Stage 4 the students continue to study the language they started at Key Stage 3 and build on the previous key stage as we prepare them for the exam that will prove their linguistic skills and help prepare them for their next chapter.  The content of the course if very current and topical and extends from home and school life to discussing the environment and the world around us.  We continue to focus on all four skill areas, embedding vocabulary and grammar to ensure spontaneity and enjoyment as their confidence builds and their grasp of linguistic patterns becomes deeper and their understanding of the language becomes firmly embedded.