At Rivers Academy we strive to give our students the opportunity to achieve the skills needed to meet the needs of employers, today and in the future by developing essential future skills, which can be applied in a range of contexts and professions. 

In our Applied Transdisciplinary Learning (ATL), we equip our learners with the knowledge and skills required to play an active and successful role in today’s highly competitive, fast changing world.  Students are encouraged to work collaboratively, developing core skills such as team work, work ethic, creativity and productivity. Students learn how to be imaginative, experimental and innovative within the context of a set project.

Through the application of knowledge and understanding gained from single discipline subjects, our learners work on authentic assignments related to the world they live in. 


In years 7 and 8, our students have the opportunity to explore a relevant concept, issue or problem through multiple disciplines.  This enables them to connect new knowledge and deeper understanding to real life experiences.   

Through investigating a ‘driving question’, students work collaboratively on assignments that are meaningful and relevant to their culture, their lives and futures, and develop future skills. These are a range of skills which are the future of working and learning: resilience, cross-cultural competency, communication, collaboration. creative and adaptive thinking, cognitive load management, sense-making, media literacy, entrepreneurialism, transicplinarity and productivity and accountability.   

Throughout each assignment, students are given numerous opportunities to reflect on their work and  learning. By developing ways to critique and feedback effectively, students continually strive for excellence in their personal development.   In addition, teachers will assess progression through knowledge and skills by facilitating self reflection and providing a summative assessment of identified skills at the end of each assignment. 


In years 7 and 8, students have 6 hours per week of Applied Transdisciplinary Learning. Our lessons are largely collaborative, with students working in teams.  Essential to learning are excellent listening and speaking skills, which are embedded into the planning of assignments. With a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, every opportunity is given to further this. 

A range of teaching and learning styles are used:  with a mixture of student led activities as well as teacher facilitated activities. As developing digital skills is essential, students are taught to engage with the Google platform and utilise video conferencing, recording  and presentation tools to aid collaborative learning.  

Presentation and performance skills are highly valued and students will also learn to develop confidence through presenting to an expert audience and demonstrating learning through artistic and vocal performance.

There are many opportunities for students to take part in educational visits to the Globe  theatre and museums in London. Another essential feature of Transdisciplinary Learning is engaging with experts from business and industry, therefore we have industry professionals, who lead workshops for our students. 

ATL Project Timelines



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