Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Structure

At Rivers Academy Student Leadership is a vibrant and exciting part of student life.

We aim to provide all our students with leadership skills, starting when they join us in Year 7.

As the students progress through the Academy different leadership opportunities become available. Students who choose to step into leadership roles play an integral part in Rivers Academy, helping to improve the Academy, meet with visitors and organise extra-curricular opportunities for other students.

By entering into a student leadership role students are provided with countless opportunities to take on new challenges, meet new people and drive forward change and improvement for our Academy. As the year progresses our students are able to enhance their leadership skills, team skills, interpersonal skills, resilience and develop the implementation of our Guiding Principles across the Academy. All of which helps them into well rounded young people equipped to succeed in the global 21st century workplace. 

Below is a list of the different opportunities that our students can get involved with during their time at Rivers Academy.

Sixth Form Future Leaders

In 6th form, our student leaders have the opportunity to apply to the 6th form student leadership team. Here they are much more self-directed and pursue their own objectives.

Last year our student leaders ran a short newsletter for the CoViD-19 lockdown and also started a debate club – which is still going today.

This year our head boy is running a whole-school survey to generate student led solutions to student reported problems. Our head girl is running a medical society, to help students across the entire school to understand the process behind applying for the immensely prestigious but immeasurably competitive doctorate in medicine. This will culminate in researching and writing a book about health together. We also have other projects like cultural celebration events and a yearbook planned for the rest of the year.

Senior Students

Our senior student team is a small group of our year 11 students.

This group of students are the face of the school, the role models for all, and the voice and vision for the whole community. They are responsible for managing the academy council and work on projects, inspired by their own desires and student surveys to help improve our academy.

Our senior student leader team also will need to lead and speak at events and co-ordinate duties for the rest of the student leaders. By bringing together the whole of the Student Leadership Team you will ensure that the school flourishes and becomes the best.

Academic Mentoring Representatives

Academic Mentoring Representatives are a crucial part of student leadership, providing a vital link between all year groups to the Senior Student Leadership Team and the staff here at the Academy. Collectively the Academic Mentoring Representatives and the Senior Student leadership team form the Academy Council.

It is the Academic Mentoring Representatives duty to listen to and feedback the information, questions and concerns that our students have, in an environment that is safe and will ensure their voices are heard.

Sports Leaders and Captains

In PE, we want to give students the opportunity to take responsibility, creating young people who are able to act in a mature and responsible way. This is also an opportunity to focus on leading rather than practical ability and further develop knowledge and understanding in PE and Sport

The role of the Sports Captain and Sports Leaders at Rivers is to encourage student participation in PE and Sport. Sports Captains and Leaders support the Inter Faculty Sport Program and support in the development of the enriching Extra-Curricular Activity Programme. To become a Sports Leader, or Captain in Year 7-10, students need to show an interest in or engage in sport at Rivers.

Sports Captains in Year 10 may also have the opportunity to further develop their Leadership skills and achieve a Young Leader Award, funded by Sports England. The Young Leader Award is a great introduction to leadership, giving young people aged 11 and over knowledge of how to organise and lead small games and activities that can be used as a part of uniformed organisation, community club or sports club sessions.

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