Post 16 students at Rivers see their Academic Mentors for twenty minutes at the beginning of each day. The groups are between twelve and fifteen students comprised of students from the two sixth form Years and Year 11. School assemblies will take place once a week on the day designated to a student’s school. There will also be a sixth form dedicated assembly every other Friday.

The Academic Mentoring programme is designed around the opportunity for students to have regular one to one contact with their mentors, tracking their progress academically and pastorally, and allowing for students to identify where they can develop their skills base and achieve the very best results they can. One to one meetings will comprise of individual subject based reflection and target setting, and the chance to develop each students access to CEIAG across the Post 16.

Other aspects of Academic Mentoring include the chance to focus on developing the literacy skills of our students, helping them prepare for the world outside of school; the chance to monitor progress each week and ensure all students are well organised, prepared for the demands of their courses, and equipped to work. On top of this Academic Mentoring gives students the opportunity to get involved in Enrichment programmes, which have a great impact on the Post 16 cohort.

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Bursary Fund Guidance Notes and Application


Bursary Fund Guidance Notes and Application

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