Following the workshop, ten Year 12 students went on a trip to see SEGRO in action. They visited a site currently being developed and then went to an existing site that is in full operation. The first part of the trip took us to the old Nestle factory in Hayes, which SEGRO are developing to bring another four premises to their portfolio, one of which will be leased by Netflix. It was interesting for students to see some of the work that goes in before the sites are in operation and we hope to revisit in a few months to see the final completion.

The second part of the trip took us to Heathrow where we learnt that 80% of the cargo coming in to the airport will go through the site we were visiting, hence SEGRO need to make sure the whole estate runs smoothly and to record and report any issues. This could be anything from a crash between vehicles or to illegal immigrants appearing out of the back of a lorry. Students looked around the site, went in to the security room and then finished by doing a task in what was the old control room for Heathrow airport, back in the day when it only had one runway. Being so close to the runway and seeing the planes land and take off was a lovely ending to the day for our students.

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