Our Students at KS4 and KS5 have the option to choose Sociology. The specification encourages and educates students to be critical and engage with the structures in our society and we thrive on this. The curriculum is built on students drawing on information and evidence from different sources and demonstrating the ability to synthesise these and analyse and evaluate different research methods used in sociological investigations and assess, critically, the appropriateness of their use. 

We want students to think critically about the world they live in and learn about the structures in society which have an effect on the individual within it.  Sociology broadens their knowledge of society as well as developing analytical and evaluation skills, key skills to take forward in life.


The Sociology curriculum and lessons aim to provide students with knowledge about the society in which they live and how they can actively participate in the structures within society by giving them knowledge about their rights and responsibility. We intend to cultivate a passion for the key areas such as the law, justice system, politics and sociological theories so that students can grasp the foundation knowledge for interests which may lead them into their A Level subjects such as Sociology, Law and government and Politics. One of the core themes throughout the topics they learn is about using research to study society, which is an important part of some university degrees and shows them how sociology is actually researched.


Sociology has been planned to deliver students lots of viewpoints about the topic areas they are studying, they will build their analytical and evaluation skills through the course which will enable them to grow in confidence in their essay writing and evaluative thinking. There are a range of routines in lessons from keyword lists, AFL’s, assessment practice, learning through videos and documentaries. The Sociology SOW aims to enable students to be as active in their learning as possible.






Students thrive on a love of the subject area and enjoy learning in the subject area. We hope it will enable students to access the systems and structures in society and mould them into being well-rounded active citizens, as well as allowing them to understand the effects these systems and structures have on individuals and groups. Many study Sociology at Rivers at A-Level, and higher education, but those that don’t take with them a host of skills, knowledge and experiences that place them in a strong position going forward. 

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