For most, teaching isn’t just a job – it’s a passion. Playing a part in a young person’s educational journey brings great responsibility, but also reaps wonderful rewards.

With NQT (newly qualified teacher) recruitment reaching its peak during the Spring and Summer terms, many new teachers will be excited at the prospect of starting their new career.

Yet, like anything in life, starting something new can be daunting, and becoming a teacher is no different.

In what has been the most challenging and adaptive period of teaching to date due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s only natural new teachers will feel a range of emotions.

So, what are the best tips for NQTs to ensure teaching success in the classroom?

Below, the NQT team at Rivers Academy share their top tips on boosting confidence and wellbeing. Whether it be participating in CPD, making time for a coffee or resting your voice, these words of wisdom are sure to help.


Rasandeep Sagoo – Teacher of English
Look after your voice by using deep breaths and your abdominal muscles to project, rather than straining your voice – works great if you have to teach with a mask on and saves you from a sore throat!

Jenelle Alcantara – Teacher of Maths
Be confident when standing in front of the class – remember, you are the adult in the room! 

Mohanad Abdelgadir – Teacher of Science
Identify your own strengths as well as the strengths of members of your department as everyone needs help sometimes. 

Veronica Parris – Teacher of Business Studies
You will have good days and bad days – learn something from each and every one of them – even the days where you feel everything goes wrong and no-one seems to be making any progress – reflect – there is always something to be found – reset and move forwards.

Sumerah Rauf – Teacher of English
Insist on silence when you want to speak; never ever talk over students. Even if you have to wait for a bit, then let it be so.

Abirami Sankaranarayanan – Teacher of Science
I found NQT/CPD projects very useful. In our busy schedule we forget certain basic things and doing projects has been interesting to exclusively focus on something every term.

Abigail Sparkes – Teacher of Geography
Always ask for help when you need it – even if it’s just a quick chat with a colleague, mentor or fellow NQT. Make the most of the support systems around you and always make time for a cup of tea and chat in the staff room – this will work wonders! 

Emma Robeson – Teacher of Maths
Remember to build in time for yourself during the school day; it can be easy to let time fly past you. Make sure you make the time to have a coffee, chat to a colleague or a friend, or just to switch off. Giving yourself time to rest and reset will make you a better teacher in your subsequent lessons for the day.

Nadia Khan – Teacher of English
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – it shows students that you are human too, and models good practice to them, to learn from things that might not go to plan.

Alira Joao – Teacher of Science
My top tip would be to take control of your own development and progress.

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