Welcome to Rivers Academy whether you are a current student, or are new to the Academy. We are very proud of our Post 16 provision and have a superb record in preparing students for further study at Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge; as well as industry-leading apprenticeships. When you join our Post 16, you will benefit from working with experienced staff who are experts at delivering their subjects to sixth form students. You will become part of a thriving community and will have an excellent opportunity to develop learning skills, academic knowledge, personal responsibility and leadership experience in an outstanding environment.

You are now at the point of choosing what to do and where to go beyond Year 11. Making decisions about the next stage of your education is both exciting and challenging. Exciting because you can now focus on the areas of study which you are most passionate about, which will lead to success and enjoyment. Challenging, because you need to make an informed decision, which might play a significant part in your career plans for the future.

You will also have the chance to become more involved in the life of the Academy. During the past year our Post 16 students have provided help in lessons and tutor groups, mentored younger students, supported children in local primary schools and actively participated in new staff appointments. They have been involved with enterprise activities and raising money for a wide range of charities. In addition to this, we offer the unique opportunity to take part in the Aspirations Trust visit to NASA in Year 13.

Application for a place in our Post 16 should be a positive act. Your choice should be based upon a real desire to study the courses offered. The course descriptions in the Information Booklet can only give you a flavour of what studying in the Sixth Form could mean for you.

It is important to consider all of the choices available to you. Talk to the subject staff and to students. We all want you to choose a combination of courses which is right for you and guarantees your future success. If you are accepted for a place in the Sixth Form, be assured that we will invest all our support and expertise in your future.

You now have important decisions to make and your teachers will only be too pleased to help. If you are unsure of any point or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask your Academic Mentor or any senior member of staff.

Mr Luke Homer

Life in the Sixth Form at Rivers Academy is rewarding, challenging and exciting. These two important years offer a chance to develop and grow as a person and Rivers Academy can help you seize that opportunity by teaching a range of academic subjects, vocational subjects and life skills.

Through teaching and pastoral support from experienced staff, our Sixth Formers achieve strong examination results; these enable many of them to proceed to their first choice of degree course or go onto placements in the job sector.

During Year 12 you will complete the Aspirations Employability Diploma which will cover vital skills and knowledge that can support the transition to your future career to greener industries, and to find new solutions for environmental problems and to develop solutions to societal issues. The Aspirations Employability Diploma is a unique approach to developing these important future skills with A Level; students working alongside professionals from active companies and industries operating in our world today.

We hope you will decide to make an application, but please be aware that you will have to meet the entrance requirements in terms of your Key Stage 4 grades. Further details about the entrance requirements can be found in the Post 16 Course Booklet.

Should you apply, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Shaun Boreham
Director of Post 16


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