Post 16 students are important representatives of the Academy and role models for younger students. As such their appearance must be outstanding and they are asked to observe the dress code outlined below. This applies on Academy premises, when travelling to and from Rivers, attending examinations or representing Rivers Academy in any way.

The principles of the code are that students should dress smartly and with formality appropriate for the business/educational workplace. Students should be mindful that at all times and in all places their appearance and conduct contribute to the community’s perception of Rivers Academy.

  1. Boys are to wear two piece suits with shirt and tie. The top button must be done up and tie worn to it. Ties must be appropriate for attendance at the academy and shirts must be tucked in. Suits must be black, navy or grey.
  2. Girls must wear a formal suit consisting of a tailored jacket and either matching tailored trousers or a formal matching tailored skirt. They may wear a tailored dress with a jacket, but clothes must not be of a stretchy, lycra material, trousers, skirts and dresses should be 100% polyester and skirts must be knee length. (Please see the reverse for trouser guidelines.) Suits must be black, navy or grey.
  3. Girls should wear plain tops of a modest length and necklines should be appropriate for the workplace. Shoulders must be covered at all times.
    All students should wear plain, practical, sturdy shoes. Backless shoes, trainers and sandals are not appropriate.  Trousers must not be tucked into boots.
  4. Students may wear discreet jewellery only. Boys may wear a single, plain sleeper stud ear-ring. Visible body jewellery, apart from earrings, is not permitted.
  5. No student should have a visible tattoo. Parents are advised to ensure that their children know the implications of this rule.
  6. Hair should be neat and well-cared for. Where hair is of shoulder length or longer it should be tied back in laboratories, workshops and during P.E. for safety reasons. Hair should have the appearance of being natural. Students are not to wear extreme hairstyles (e.g. lines shaved into hair, number 1 shave, extreme colours, lengths, Mohican styles etc).
  7. Boys may only wear beards/facial hair for reasons of religious observance, and a written request for permission to do so must first be made by parents to the Head of Sixth Form.

Rivers Academy reserves the right to point out errors of judgment and taste: in such matters, the academy’s decision is final. A student who does not dress in accordance with the dress code will be sent home to change, shave or otherwise address their appearance.

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