Curriculum Overview

Our vision is to deliver an authentic education for the 21st century - we aim to ensure all students achieve high levels of success in a broad range of GCSE and A Level examinations, whilst at the same time equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to play an active and successful role in today’s highly competitive, fast-changing world.


Central to the philosophy of the curriculum delivered in our academy is that it should provide an authentic education based on the development of the knowledge, skills and qualifications required for success in the world today. 

We care passionately that the young people at Rivers Academy learn in a challenging, engaging and supportive environment. 


Here at Rivers we have developed an approach to teaching and learning in which:

• All students achieve at least expected academic progress and high levels of attainment in national qualifications

• All students acquire knowledge to be remembered and constantly built upon cumulatively from Year 7 to the Sixth Form to deepen their understanding

• All students develop high level 21st century skills

• All students enter skilled employment or higher levels of study

• All students develop high levels of self-worth and self-confidence

• Learning is challenging and engaging

• Learning is highly relevant to the world today and in the future

KS3 at Rivers Academy

Covers Years 7 and 8, ensuring that all students are challenged in Year 9 by starting a 3-year GCSE programme.

Students are tested at the start of Year 7. This sets a benchmark target and we use this benchmark to continuously monitor each individual's progress.

Students working at below Level 3 in literacy in Year 7 will receive additional literacy support. Some Year 7 students will receive a tailored curriculum, providing them with the intense accelerated literacy and reading development they need.

It is essential for students in Years 7 and 8 to develop the skills and knowledge needed to support their GCSE studies in Key Stage 4.

The Academy day is divided into blocks of learning. There is a daily Academic Mentoring time which is used:

·       to deliver Personal, social and Health education (PSHE) learning

·       to deliver Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) learning

·       British Values and Religious Education

·       to prepare for the day


KS4 at Rivers Academy

Covers Years 9, 10 and 11. At this stage, students are set by ability.

All students study the following GCSE subjects: English; English Literature; Maths; Core & Additional Science or Triple Science.

They will study GCSEs from either: History; Geography; French or Spanish

They will also study a further three optional GCSE or BTEC subjects.


A comprehensive programme of revision and support sessions are offered every day in Year 11.


KS5 at Rivers Academy


The Academy offers an extensive range of A-Level and BTEC Level 3 courses for study at Key Stage 5 as well as the Extended Project qualification and other enrichment activities